iphone ringtonesSetting the ringtones on iPhone is one of the best ways to customize their phones. People like to choose the sound or song that will act as the phone’s ringtone carefully, and often waste a lot of time doing that. Today, there are endless choices in quality ringtones available for the iPhone users. One can buy them from ringtone store or create one of their own. Read on to learn how you can customize iPhone 5 with a ringtone that you prefer.

Let us follow the step-by-step guide to learning how to set ringtones on iPhone.

Get ring tones from iTunes

Download iTunes from Apple and browse the music library to find a song you would like to turn into a ringtone. You might like a particular part of the song you want and the time duration. Check the Start Time box and the Stop Time box accordingly. The ring tones are generally not more than 39 seconds long. Press OK and choose Convert AAC Version and change the file format to AAC when you click Import Settings. A new file with file extension.m4a will be created, and all you need to do now is rename the file and load it in the iTunes ringtone list. Go to Settings and Sounds to assign the new ringtone to your phone.

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iphone cameraEnjoying photography is one of the best features that iPhone users love about their phone. For many people, the capability of the camera on their smartphone is one of the most important aspects. Luckily for iPhone owners, the camera that comes along is very impressive and with amazing features. If you are still new to iPhone and are not very confident about usign the cameras, then you are just at the right page.

If we look at the first iPhone, it has a very simple camera that took good quality pictures, but lacked features focus, zoom, or flash. One-touch focus arrived with iPhone 3GS, but it was iPhone 4 that added important and advanced features like flash, zoom and HDR photos. IPhone 5 supported panoramic images. The newer models have two cameras, one for the user, and the other on the backside of the device. The camera on the back of the iPhone is used for taking pictures and FaceTime.

By default, one should choose the higher-resolution camera on the back. Go for the user-facing camera if you want to take a self-portrait. Tap on the right corner of the Camera app, and the image will change to the one picked by user-facing camera. Tap the button again to change back. When you tap on the iPhone camera, you can focus on any part of a picture and zoom in or out. The image will automatically adjusts as you pinch and drag to zoom in. Once you have the picture you want, just tap the photo you want.

The addition of flash to the iPhone camera allows one to pick up the details of the image even in low light. Now, you can expect great low-light photos with the help of the flash icon at the top left of the screen that carries the lightning bolt on it. Select On and off to use the flash and Select Auto, if you want to use the flash only when needed. HDR photography was added with iOS 4.1.to the iPhone with iOS 4.1 and High Dynamic Range allows multiple exposures of the same scene. At the top middle of the screen, you can find the button reading HDR On/Off button.

AutoFocus feature brings to focus a particular area of the photo. The square that appears on the screen indicates as to what part of the image the camera is focusing on. Autofocus automatically adjusts exposure and white balance automatically so as to deliver the best looking photo.

iphone upkeepYou are feeling extremely proud as the owner of that gorgeous new iPhone. You can’t wait to use it and explore all its features, those exciting apps and sharing news with your friends. Still, you would, of course, like to keep the iPhone in prime condition, so as to ensure that it keeps offering best services, as well as fetch you the best resale value when it’s time to upgrade. Taking good care of the phone not only improves its performance, but also lengthens the life of your device. Read on to know the guidelines on how to take a good care of your iPhone.

The Case
Get a good quality protective case to provide your phone that protection against any accidental drops. One will come across thousands of options when looking for a case that comes in many shapes and sizes. There are clip-ons, skins, shells, bumpers, pouches, etc. Base your decision based on how you use your phones in the past and get a case that you think will offer the maximum protection on all sides.

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new iphoneIf this is the first time you are getting an iPhone, well, you need to get ready for that smart little gadget. After all, this is an important purchase in your life, and there must be hundreds of thoughts and questions swarming your mind. Well, there are certain suggestions and instructions to follow when you first lay your hand son your first iPhone. This is only a beginning, and you will always be discovering something new about your iPhone and those wonderful things it can do.

The first thing to do is initiate your new iPhone and start using it in just a few minutes. The simple and basic process will activate the iPhone and one can find features like Find My iPhone, FaceTime, iMessage, and a lot more. One can experiment with the settings later, as there is a lot more to learn at the initial stage. Next step would be to install iTunes to store and play your music.One can add and remove music, photos, apps, video from your iPhone.

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iphone batteryiPhone are getting powerful day by day and  are much more fun. Battery life is an important concern for iPhone users, and they are always looking for simply and innovative ways to extend the battery juices. There are a number of ways to conserve battery life and some of them involve turning off some services and features. One will need to make some choices here as to which cool options can they live without.

Here are some tips to extend iPhone’s power and keep the battery running for longer life.

  • Turn on auto-brightness to save battery and make things easier to see. You save power as the screen will use less power in dark places.
  • Lower the screen brightness to lower battery usage. The default setting for the screen is the default brightness and the higher the brightness, the more power it requires. Conserve more of the battery by keeping the screen dimmer.

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iphone guideIf you’re entirely new to the iPhone, then this is just the right guide for you. One should go through the basics first to get things started the right way. But, if you are already an expert on iPhone, then this is not the page for you. If you know about someone among your friends and family who is a complete beginner to iPhone, then feel free to share this page with them.

Well, the primary function of any phone is to act like a phone. In order to use your iPhone, just make a gentle tap on the home screen, and you will find a few options. Use the Contacts to pick an address to call. The names will appear once you have added them. Tap the + sign in the top right corner to add some contacts.  Tap on Done when you’re sure that the information is finished. You can also use the Keypad option at the bottom to manually dial a number. Press the Call button to start the call. Tap the Voicemail button at the bottom to check your Voicemail and see if you have any new voicemails listed.

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iphone tipThere are many iPhone users, who have bene using these smart phones for months, and are still not aware of the complete features. How well does one know their iPhone? Thus, it is essential for the new phone users to follow certain guidelines so that they can move in the right direction, and get to use the full potential of their gadget. After all, there is no sense in missing out on a lot of features, and many of the beginners are not even aware that they exist.

Let us take a look at how one can make use of their iPhone in a smarter way.

  1. As tapping on a glass keyboard can lead to some downsides, it would be best to use a couple of Keyboard shortcuts to ease the experience. For example, if you tap and hold the “Compose new message” button in Mail, will automatically bring up all your saved email drafts.  Tap and hold the “123″ key and drag it to a number to select it. Hold down the period key, when filling in an email address, and see other address endings. Hold down the .com key to see alternative URL endings when you enter a Web address in the browser.

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iphone tipsIf there is one travel companion on whom you can rely on completely, it is the iPhone. Use the iPhone correctly to get the most out of your device. There are some travel tips for iPhone phone users who frequently travel. Read on to learn more.

  • Download those Apps that cache your travel information even when a W-Fi network is not on, or when data roaming is off. One can also download Wi-Fi finder apps to learn of Wi-Fi locations at unknown destinations.
  • As Wi-Fi is available at several internet cafes and coffee shops, and using it on your iPhone is free, make us of it as and when needed.

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iphone gamesPlaying a game on iPhone is a large part of the entertainment that you can get on iPhone. There is a wide range of addictive games available on iPhone that can keep you engaged the whole day long and get rid of those annoying moments in your daily routine.  The best part is that these games are very affordable, and easy to install and play. There are hundreds of games to pick from, but there are some very popular games that one must have on their iPhone.

Here are some great options to start with.

Angry Birds Star Wars

The Star Wars’ prequel trilogy arrives with some great design ideas. The different levels and interesting character allows the players to try various strategies. You get the chance to play as the evil pigs, and if you have been thinking of being on the opposite side of the angry birds, this is a chance to get revenge. One can cross the entire story-centric levels in about an hour.

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iphone appsiPhone is a powerful little device that is made even more useful with those amazing apps. There is no denying that there are countless number and kinds of apps available today for iPhone. Still, there are some Apps that every iPhone newbie must have. After all, it is not easy picking from the essential iPhone apps, as there are hundreds of very good ones. Still, everyone will need apps based on their needs and personality types. There are some apps that come preinstalled on the iPhone, and many of those are indispensable, such as Mail, Music, iTunes, Contacts and Calendar.

Awesome Note

Tthis is one of the top multi-purpose task management apps you will come across in the App Store. The task masters and list makers can keep track of ideas and chores, with repeat settings, customizable alerts and a handy calendar. It can be synced with Google Drive and Evernote.

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