Alternative Treatments for Depression

Alternative treatments for depression are often more preferable as they are less dangerous than drug treatment for depression. According to the statistics each person out of five in most industrialized countries suffers from depression at some time in their lives.

Alternative treatments for depression often involve natural depression treatment remedies, massaging, meditation, color healing, osteopathy, etc. The best thing about the alternative treatments for depression is that they are completely safe and cause no addiction unlike clinical depression treatment.

So let’s look at most popular alternative treatments for depression in more detail:

1. Massage is one of the most commonly used alternative treatments for depression. It relieves stress and anxiety, major depression causes. The affect of the massage can be enhanced by other alternative treatments for depression, for example, aromatherapy.

2. Healing with color is also among proven alternative treatments for depression. When you are in depressed, your body produces an unbalanced pattern of vibrations. Alternative treatments for depression based on chromotherapy aim at adjust these patterns, restoring balance with the help of color.

3. Among other most popular alternative treatments for depression is meditation (Yoga and Tai Chi) which causes the state of total relaxation.

4. Reflexology is one of the oldest alternative treatments for depression; it helps to cure depression by manipulating the specific points on the foot corresponding to definite emotional and physical ailments.

5. As pain can cause the depression osteopathy as alternative treatments for depression works as a headache and back pain reliever by manipulating the bones of the body. These alternative treatments for depression also enhance energy levels, thus helping the person to overcome depression.

6. Herbal treatment for depression is one of the most effective alternative treatments for depression. You can compare all the above alternative treatments for depression by looking at the following table:

Alternative treatments for depression

How do these alternative treatments for depression work?


Relieves stress and anxiety, helps to relax

Healing with color

Restores the balance of vibrations


Helps to relax

Reflexology Works by manipulating the specific points on the foot


A headache and back pain reliever

Herbal treatment for depression

A complex treatment