Can’t Swallow ED Pills? Is Tadalafil Liquid Right for You?

As our world’s population gets older, more and more men are experiencing problems in their sexual performance. They may find that they cannot get an erection as easily as they had been before, or be able to maintain it for enough time to engage in a satisfactory amount of sexual activities. Erectile dysfunction and Viagra have come hand in hand for many years now, and many people have mistakenly believed that Viagra is the only medical treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, drugs like Tadalafil are slowly changing the minds of several men around the world.

Liquid Tadalafil is a revolutionary drug that has the effectiveness of Viagra and the price of the generic brand rolled into one amazing treatment. Usually found as an oral suspension that needs to be shaken before use, ingesting it is as easy as swallowing the solution, which is great news for older gentlemen who have difficulty swallowing hard tablets.

What Is Tadalafil Citrate

Tadalafil Citrate is a drug that is very similar to Sildenafil Citrate, the main component and generic version of Viagra. Usually sold under the brand name of Cialis, it is used to treat erectile dysfunction, also known as sexual impotence, which is also the main indication of Viagra. It can also deal with some symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy, which is the fancy name for enlarged prostate.

Both Tadalafil and Sildenafil are PDE5 inhibitor drugs. They improve erections by opening and widening blood vessels around the body, thus increasing the amount of blood flow, especially to areas like your genitals and penis when having sexual activities. An erection can be achieved easier and will last for much longer after taking the drug, which deals with the main problems encountered when having erectile dysfunction.

The most popular brand of Tadalafil- Cialis

Tadalafil can be found in the form of tablets or pills, as well as in liquid form and troches, although admittedly the latter two forms are harder to come across and purchase than the tablets. For daily usage, it is taken only once in a 24 hour period and can be taken with or without a prior meal. However, it can also be taken as needed. When doing so, take the drug about 30 minutes to an hour before any sexual intercourse. The effects will then last for around 4 hours, which is also the amount of time for effects to last for Viagra and Sildenafil. It takes a shorter time for liquid Tadalafil to kick in as compared to the tablet form, due to the fact that the liquid will easily be absorbed by the body lining and mucosa.

Maxim Peptide is a very popular brand of Liquid Tadalafil

Erections only occur when the drug is taken after some form of stimulation, and they do not occur spontaneously. This is an important thing to remember as many men mistakenly begin to ingest more amounts of the drug when they haven’t seen any sort of improvement within the timespan that Tadalafil is said to work.

Liquid Tadalafil Reviews

When scouring the internet, you’ll be able to find some interesting information on how to use and purchase liquid Tadalafil. Several people have given their reviews for this new drug, and have expressed satisfaction with the improvement of their performance and the effectiveness of the product.

Maxim Peptide is a very popular brand of Liquid Tadalafil

‘HammerCurl’ from Cambridge, Ohio, states outright that Cialis is “the best”

After sifting through first-hand experiences of the apparent failure of the drug, many of these were found to be because the person taking the drug had not followed the instructions for use correctly. This created a false impression that the drug did not work.

Eh_J, a Prolific Contributor, Relates his Experience with Liquid Tadalafil

When taking Tadalafil of any variety, side effects should be expected in the form of headaches, redness, warmth over your face and chest area, runny nose, and dehydration. If you are used to taking Viagra pills, these side effects will be quite predictable. Overdosing on the drug may result in more severe side effects such as lightheadedness, vision and hearing changes, and chest pain. When these occur, immediately stop and call your doctor.

Prices for a bottle of liquid Tadalafil at a unit of 30mg x 30mL can come at a price of $33.50. In this form, you will only need doses of 2.5, 5 and 10 mg, so the liquid form will last you several days before you need to buy a new bottle. Selecting the right dose will depend on your tolerance and the level of potency and synergy this drug has with your body. You will need to get in touch with your doctor and have a proper discussion over the use of the drug and the dosage you must take, and report any observations you make while trying it out for the first time.


If you’re looking for any good alternatives to your regular Viagra pill, either because you want to avoid the expensive price tag or you simply feel like Viagra isn’t the right choice for you, then why not try Tadalafil? Aside from the fact that it works like Viagra to treat your ED, it can also be found in a convenient liquid form that is easy to take and effects kick in like clockwork.

Be aware that there are several pharmacies online that cater to buyers looking for alternatives to Viagra. Many of these are reliable and sell all of their products legally. However, there are several that sell only counterfeit drugs to their buyers, who will have spent their money on products that don’t even work. If you want to find trustworthy online vendors that are 100% guaranteed to give authentic and effective Tadalafil drugs to their consumers, make sure to drop by our given list of pharmacies online.