Ejertol Review: Biogen-Grunenthal Alliance Yields Affordable Sildenafil

Ejertol Review

Brand: Ejertol

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Biogen

Country of Manufacture: Colombia

Ejertol Package/Tablets Image

Review and Description

Ejertol is a generic medication made to achieve the same therapeutic effects as Pfizer’s Viagra – to minimize the intensity of impotence and erectile dysfunction in males fighting the condition. Ejertol sildenafil is synthesized in coated tablets that are comprised of Sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil citrate is the chief pharmacologically active compound that induces dilated blood vessels after it makes the smooth muscles cease to contract. Phosphodiesterase type 5 actively engaged in breaking down cyclic guanosine monophosphate. After absorption, sildenafil proceeds to stop this activity. This leads to greater availability of cGMP in the corpus cavernosum. Increased availability allows cGMP to engage in halting muscle contraction and dilating the surrounding blood vessels. This means the volume of blood in the penis will increase following arousal, which in turn increases penile erection strength.

Ejertol is manufactured by Laboratorios Biogen de Colombia S.A, a Bogotá-based pharmaceutical enterprise. This enterprise was established in 1980 with a very scanty catalog including Ampicillin and Mebendazole. Ten years later, the company inaugurated its current headquarters boasting a catalog that now included cardiovascular medications, antibiotics, antivirals and anti-inflammatory medications. By the end of the decade, they had consolidated their position in the generics industry as well as the OTC drug market and veterinary medicine.

Customer Reviews

We went online and we were fortunate enough to come across trustworthy customer reviews for Ejertol on the pages of reputable online vendors. We are now going to share them with you since we know how much importance prospective consumers place on these reviews.

One reviewer named JC who lives in Ireland suddenly had difficulty maintaining erections after having no trouble getting them

One reviewer named JC who lives in Ireland suddenly had “difficulty maintaining erections after having no trouble getting them”. He decided to try sildenafil and the results were amazing. “I can basically have sex everyday with it if I wanted, or more often, and I like that it only works with stimulation”. He also found that “it works no better with a higher dose than a low one”.

Peter Lonnie from the United States explains that these pills “changed his sexual life”. He is a long-time user and he shared that in the face of alternatives he is going to stick with these pills “because it really works”.

Pricing and Dosage

Ejertol sildenafil is marketed and distributed in fifty milligrams and one-hundred milligrams coated tablets only. These tablets are available in packs of two tabs each. Let us discuss the price information we grabbed on the internet via the picture above.

Ejertol packs of two tablets of fifty milligrams are sold for 18

Ejertol packs of two tablets of fifty milligrams are sold for 18.00 US dollars. This price is certainly inexpensive relative to brand Viagra for which the average price of a pill is about 24.83 US dollars. It is slightly more expensive than other generic Viagra tablets.

Take one tablet daily.

How to Buy Ejertol Online

Ejertol fifty milligrams and one hundred milligrams tablets are easily accessible online. The price list we gave above is just one of several reliable online vendors that stock the product. We have provided some links here.

The first of the three links below takes you to a store where forty-eight pills of Ejertol one hundred milligrams tablets are offered for  176.55 US dollars at 3.68 dollars per pill. This amount is shipped by paid($9.95) airmail shipping. Over $200 you get free airmail delivery.

The second pharmacy store sells forty-eight pills of Ejertol one hundred milligrams tablets for 196.39 US dollars at $4.09 a pill. They offer discounts and free airmail shipping for purchases over $200.




How to Use

Administer Ejertol one hundred milligrams and fifty milligrams tablets by mouth with a cup of clean water. Chewing is not required for increased absorption. In fact, the opposite is true. The effectiveness of Ejertol is influenced adversely by high cholesterol foods, alcohol use and grapefruit extracts anywhere near drug use. Apply close to sexual activity. Pulmonary arterial hypertension patients should not use this medication. Ejertol is designed for male impotence and erectile dysfunction only. Store under low temperature.

Side Effects

Dizziness, back pain, hives, nausea, diarrhoea and dyspepsia are among the adverse effects associated with Ejertol use which has a relatively greater chance of occurring. Apart from these side effects, there are others with a lesser chance of occurring due to Ejertol abuse or allergens but are relatively worse. These include abnormal vision, insomnia, odema, contact dermatitis, hives, difficulty breathing, hearing loss, nosebleed tachycardia.

Conclusion with Rating

Ejertol one hundred milligrams and 50 milligrams coated tablet sildenafil act to minimize the intensity of impotence and erectile dysfunction in men like Viagra does. This generic Viagra is widely available online for a comparatively cheaper price. We obtained customer testimony regarding the effectiveness of Ejertol compared to other similar medications on the internet from reputable online drug stores. The reviews were decidedly positive. Ejertol sildenafil has proven to be a therapy worthy of the buying public’s enduring trust. Laboratorios Biogen de Colombia, Ejertol’s manufacturers have obviously earned that trust through their almost four decades of providing inexpensive generic medications as well OTC drugs and Veterinary medicine products. Their  2014 alliance with German multinational pharmaceutical franchise, Grunenthal GmbH, boosted that reputation. It is why they are so popular locally and are able to run a such an impressive marketing operation internationally. We give Ejertol three stars out of five. Seek a doctor’s prescription.