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Free Erectile Dysfunction Pills: Where and How to Get Them

Paying for erectile dysfunction pills is an extreme inconvenience for an already life-altering condition. Nobody wants to have to pay for it, and the prices only ever reflect the interests of the company rather than the buyer. They’re not cheap, especially if you’re buying name-brand. And to make their prices seem more appealing, major companies sometimes offer discounted prescriptions or free trials that might ease the burden a little bit, but you may be able to find similar deals elsewhere.

Buying online can be nerve-wracking because of the lack of surety and the chance of falling into a scam, so it’s reasonable that customers would want to see and test a product before sinking any of their money into it. Luckily, there are options for those people, as many online sites offer exactly that. If no discounts are being offered on the manufacturer’s website, there are some alternative options. For example, there are some Canadian, Indian, and UK based sites that offer much cheaper products, and some even come with a FREE TRIALS. They know that buying online can be scary, so it’s important for them to gain your trust. These free trials will allow you to test their product before you decide the best option for your money.

ED Trial Pack Generic

“Trial Packs” have kind of exploded in the world of online pharmacies, and they’re the perfect thing for those seeking the ED medication that best suits his or her needs. These trial packs offer samples of the three major erectile dysfunction treatments – Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), Vardenafil (Levitra). You can also find trial packs of the generic equivalents.

Viabestbuy ED Trial Pack Generic

Sites like ViaBestBuy offer trial packs of big name-brands and their generic equivalents, and you can obtain these pills in varying strengths. These are totally free, and all you will be required to pay for is the cost of shipping. The opportunity to test each pill before buying is massively helpful, and through these trusted online pharmacies, you’ll be able to see exactly what works best for you.

Free Viagra Samples from Pfizer

Here and there, the giant, name-brand companies like to offer discounts and sample trials of their product to counter their extremely high prices. Viagra is currently offering a promotion where customers who meet the eligibility requirements can save 50% on a year-long supply of ED pills. This could be great for those who require these pills regularly and also for those who find more comfort in purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

50% Discount Offer

As far as free samples go, there are a couple options. Doctors and healthcare professionals are often able to get free samples directly from companies like Pfizer for their patients. This is great for those who wish not to buy via the Internet, and it could also be an easy transition into a prescription that you’ll need regardless.

Alternatively, if you wish to purchase online, there are always options outside of the manufacturer’s website. Other places offer free samples, in some cases just a couple pills, that will be shipped to you, so you can test it and find out if it’s going to be right for you. These might require proof of prescription or an online equivalent or maybe just a simple, online health consultation. If you are purchasing especially, do not take pills from sources who don’t require any of these things. Because buying online is possible, so is the ability for people to scam customers. Receiving pills from an untrusted source could be very dangerous.

For a list of trusted online pharmacies, consider consulting our list of Recommended Virtual Pharmacies serving customers online for decades.

Cialis Free 30-Day Trial

As of August 31, 2017, the Cialis Savings Card program, which offered customers savings opportunities directly from the manufacturer, has been discontinued. It also appears that Cialis has discontinued their voucher program that allowed for a once-a-year free 30-day trial of their product for eligible customers. Although, free samples may be obtainable through a doctor or another healthcare professional.

However, a number of online pharmacies offer samples and free trials of their ED medications. This includes Cialis or its generic equivalents. While name-brand products might be harder to find outside of the manufacturer’s website, generic brands are available in abundance. Cialis uses Tadalafil as the main component of their ED treatment, as do the generic brands. Both are essentially identical and have been known to be equally as effective. Companies might lead you to believe that the generic brands are somehow inferior, but that’s another perk of free trials. You will be able to tell for yourself.


ED pills are going to cost you, one way or another, but before you get the wallet out, you should be able to sample the product or get a free trial. This can happen through conventional methods via manufacturer websites or doctors and healthcare professionals. There is a growing popularity, however, in online pharmacies that also offer free trials and samples of generic ED treatments.

Name-brands are always going to cost the most, so if you aren’t able to save any money that way, then perhaps it’s time to try something else. Trusted online pharmacies can prove to be a much cheaper option in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. They offer generic brand pills that are just as effective as the pricey, name-brands and a lower cost, and in many cases, this will start with a free trial, a free sample, or the now trending “trial packs.”

Some online pharmacies will require a doctor’s prescription and the more lenient ones will simply ask for a medical consultation with your purchase. However, buyers should always be aware of the risks entailed by their online ED medication purchases. There are a considerable number of scams and sites that prowl on unsuspecting buyers. Again, for a list of trust online pharmacies, consider consulting our list of Recommended Virtual Pharmacies. ViaBestBuy offers trial packs of big name-brands and their generic equivalents, and you can obtain these pills in varying strengths.