The Combination of Tea Tree Oil and Camphor Oil for Nail Fungus

As soon as fungus embeds itself on your nail, it starts to develop and go beyond the whole facade. If not remedied thoroughly, nail fungus can be resilient and enduring. Numerous home treatments are obtainable to fight the trouble. Two remedies that have obtained excellent assessments are tea tree oil, which contain antibiotic result on the skin, and camphor and menthol ointments, such as Vicks Vaporub, Mentholatum or Tiger Balm. It is constantly excellent to know more facts about tea tree oil and camphor oil for nail fungus before using them to treat your condition.

About Nail Fungus

Nail fungus, an ordinary illness, normally takes place on the toes rather than the fingers. It is frequently transmitted from damp places, like salons, spas, and gyms. MayoClinic.com mentions indications that involve yellow nail hue, more congeal nails, and simply delicate nails. Nail fungus can necessitate several weeks of medication prior being treated.

About Tea Tree Oil

As stated by the University of Western Australia, tea tree oil originates from the plant Melaleuca alternifolia, which is indigenous to Australia. The plant’s sticky leaves create the oil. Tea tree oil is believed to be substantially medicinal and antimicrobial. The University of Western Australia accounts that the element in the plant that has antibiotic asset is terpenen-4-ol, which composes 30% of the oil. Dark bottles conserve the quality of the tea tree oil, thus if buying tea tree oil, make sure to find for proper packaging.

Tea Tree Oil to Remedy Nail Fungus

Tea tree oil includes antifungal aspects that help in overcoming nail fungus. Once put onto the nail, it cleanses and combats the infectivity. As stated at the Health 911 website, in order to overcome the fungus, you will have to put on the oil to the area twice daily, until new nail has developed totally. The oil must be put on for up to six months for a fingernail and up to 12 months or one year for toenail. The most excellent product will include 100% tea tree oil.

Description of Camphor

As stated at the 3Dchem website, camphor is a translucent, waxy stuff that has a strong, foul odor. It is discovered within the bark of the camphor laurel, an evergreen tree found in Asia, or can be artificially created from the oil of turpentine. It functions lots of medicinal reasons once put on to the skin. When in contact with the skin, camphor cools it and functions like an anesthetic.

Source of Camphor Oil

The camphor tree is the resource of camphor oil and can grow to more than 70 feet tall and 50 feet wide with the trunk arriving at six feet in thickness. The leaves are lance-shaped, amid two and four inches in length, together with the bright green stems. Once smashed, they provide the distinctive camphor odor. Indigenous to Asia, especially in China, Japan and Southeast Asia, the tree has been presented in lots of countries, counting the United States, where it is believed to be an invasive variety.

Camphor Ointments as Treatment for Nail Fungus

Vicks Vaporub, Metholatum and Tiger Balm are all home treatments for remedying nail fungus. Put it on to the infected nail for two to three weeks. While not clinically established to aid nail fungus, lots of accounts have the same opinion that it does damage the infectivity on your nails in a brief span of time.

Camphor and tea tree oils are good treatments for nail fungus infectivity. You may obtain them in certain solutions available over-the-counter.