Free Samples Of ED Pills – What Impotence Meds Can I Get for Free?

Free samples of ED pills—can you really get free impotence treatments, or this is just a far-fetched dream for consumers seeking help for their drug costs?

Erectile dysfunction products have increased in popularity during the past years. We’ve come very far now when it comes to impotence treatments—from invasive and unnerving gadgets (injections, suppositories, and penis pumps), Viagra and medicines belonging to the phosphodiesterase inhibitor family now take the stage. However, although Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra—the top erectile dysfunction treatments in the world—are effective when it comes to busting impotence in males, their sky-high prices burden the consumers endlessly.

Because of the expensive prices for impotence treatments, consumers are looking for ways to mitigate product costs. Several cost-mitigating options are available for consumers, like coupons, voucher codes, and other discount methods – but nothing beats free pills.

Where to Get Free Trial Pack Generic?

What if we tell you that you can really have erectile dysfunction pills for free? It’s true – there are ways to get ahold of free pills and save more in cost when it comes to impotence treatments. Here are some of the things you may try:

  • Ask your urologist about free pills (this may be effective at times, but your urologist can only give so much – 1 or 2 samples, and that’s it)
  • Purchase online—some stores reward consumers with complimentary pills on their purchases
  • Find online drugstores offering sample pills and that will allow you to pay merely for the shipping for the meds
Free Samples Of ED Pills – What Impotence Meds Can I Get for Free?
Free Samples Of ED Pills – What Impotence Meds Can I Get for Free?

As for the latter, there are indeed online pharmacies generous enough to ship free pills without asking buyers to initially purchase anything from them. ships free Cialis, Viagra, and Viagra Soft products and only ask for a fee to cover the shipping amount for the medicines. Free Samples

Besides offering free 10 pills of the aforementioned products, also allows buyers to add the three sets of freebie pills and charge the buyers only one shipping fee.

Freebie Pills + Shipping Fee from

According to the checkout I did, I can avail of the sets of free pills as long as I pay the shipping fee. This is great news for buyers seeking to cut their costs for impotence treatment product drugs. However, not all online pharmacies are offering free samples of ED pills, so you need to look hard for online drugstores with this feature.

Free Viagra Samples from Pfizer

Let’s talk about Viagra samples from Pfizer or the other brand manufacturers. In some cases, consumers may reach out to manufacturer sites for limited promotional offers. However, getting a month supply of brand Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra for free is highly unlikely, since these drugs are past the introductory stage in the market.

However, buyers may anticipate freebie pills from manufacturers in case they are looking to create new versions of the existing brand name medications, such as a Viagra 2.0 drug like Viagra Connect, an over the counter variant for the classic Viagra drug.

What are ED pills? Things to Know Before Getting Your FREE Samples of ED Pills Online

Before rushing to online pharmacies for your freebie erectile dysfunction products, let’s first give you details. When we say ED pills, we actually pertain to prescription drugs intended for the remedy of impotence in patients. Erectile dysfunction pills are classified as phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5i), the most famous of them being Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), and Vardenafil HCl (Levitra).

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Viagra was the first PDE5i drug introduced in the market and it set the stage for phosphodiesterase inhibitors as effective treatments for impotence. Despite being originally for angina, Viagra proved itself as an important erectile function enhancing agent and has now become the top drug for erectile dysfunction.

Cialis and Levitra followed suit after Viagra was successfully introduced in the market. Cialis is the product of the historical Eli Lilly and Company, while Levitra is the brainchild of two giant companies, GSK Bayer. These two drugs are improvements on the original formula for Sildenafil Citrate and although still with their share of advantages and disadvantages, they still prove great options for erectile dysfunction management.

Although nearly the same, there are slight differences among these products, including the following:

  • Duration – Viagra lasts an average of 4 hours, Levitra lasts an average of 6 hours, while Cialis lasts for 36 hours
  • Intake – Since Viagra and Levitra lasts shorter than Cialis, they should be taken at least 30 to 60 minutes prior to intercourse; Cialis, on the one hand, may be taken hours before the intended sexual activity, since time is not really a concern for this drug
  • Onset – Although Viagra and Levitra are not as longer-lasting as Cialis, their onset of action is faster—only about 30 to 60 minutes after intake
  • Dosage regimen – All three drugs have the same on-demand use; however, Cialis has a “daily” variant to help patients feel more spontaneous in their sexual activity
  • Dose strengths – Viagra is available in 25, 50, and 100 mg products; Cialis has 2.5, 5, 10, and 20 mg products; while Levitra has 10 and 20 mg products

As for the other parameters, they remain the same—the contraindications, disease interactions, and side effects. Here are more things you should know about erectile dysfunction products Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra:

  • Common side effects – nasal congestion, headaches, flushing, dizziness, blue-tinged vision (Viagra), back pain (Cialis), and even dyspepsia
  • Drug interactions – nitrate medicines (pharmaceutical grade or recreational), blood pressure lowering medicines, antifungal products, antibacterial medicines, and several drugs for certain diseases such as HIV and others
  • Disease interactions – liver disease, heart disease, metabolic disorders, kidney disease, cancers, and several others

Keep in mind that even if you’re availing of the free samples of ED Pills, make sure you’re actually prescribed the meds so you end up getting the results you want.

Reviews for ED Pills: What do people say about ED Pills?

There is no issue concerning the effectiveness of impotence treatments—consumers are mostly impressed by the overall effect of these medicines. Have a look at these customer comments available for the brand impotence medications:

Viagra User Reviews

One of the Viagra brand user reviews indicated an overall effectiveness of the drug Viagra 100 mg said that when he finally used the drug (100 mg) his erectile function significantly improved. According to him, though, he experienced slight sweatiness with the use of the drug, as well as an increased heart rate.

Cialis User Reviews

Cialis users also appreciated the product and one in particular, preferred the drug over the other two because his erections were not prolonged and lasted as long as he’s in the mood. The user who wrote the comment also appreciated the “days” effect of Cialis in patients.

Levitra User Reviews

Levitra users were generally happy with the drug and according to “Neo Adim”, as opposed to other medications, the drug did not give him side effects at all. The same user also noted that albeit generally effective, the drug should be taken on an empty stomach for a faster action onset.

Based on these reviews and the plenty of reviews available online, ED pills are really effective – all the more reason why you should consider getting your freebie pills from stores offering the medicines. However, again – make sure you have the correct prescription for your drug so you stay safe when taking impotence treatments.

Brand ED Pills Prices Online

Because of the good reviews available, the brand name status, and the overall effectiveness, brand name treatments such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are priced expensively. Take a look at the products’ local pharmacy prices from various US pharmacies:

Viagra 100 mg Price at US Stores

According to this price information, the drug Viagra 100 mg costs at least $66.62 at us drugstores—this price is considered “discounted” due to the special coupon applied to the price. Typical market price for brand Viagra 100 mg from Pfizer nowadays is $69 to $74 or more, excluding doctor fees.

Cialis 20 mg Price at US Pharmacies

Cialis price at US drugstores are slightly cheaper at $55.25; however, this is also a discounted price for the product since the normal market price for Cialis ranges from $69 to $83 depending on the drugstore.

Levitra 20 mg Prices at US Drugstores

Levitra prices are similarly high—according to the price list above, consumers can afford two tablets of the product for $105.01 each.

Because of these exorbitant prices for the erectile dysfunction products, consumers are looking into cheap alternatives to impotence treatments, and if possible, free samples of ED Pills wherever they are available.

Online Pharmacy Free Viagra Samples – How to buy?

Given the number of web pharmacies prowling the web, it is hard to find the ideal online drugstore that can cater to your needs. To help you find the best-fit online drugstore, you can use these pointers:

  • Reviews – find online pharmacies with excellent third-party reviews from verified consumers
  • Length of operation – usually, the longer the store’s years of operation are, the better they are at catering to consumers
  • Responsiveness – responsive online pharmacies are excellent to purchase from
  • Product genuineness – make sure you’re dealing with an online pharmacy with authentic products, regardless of brand status
  • Approvals – find stores with FDA approved medicines and with seals of approval from various drug regulatory agencies

If you’re finding this list tiresome, you can always consider the use of our list of Top Online Pharmacies for the year to help you cut time in looking for good stores to shop from or to get free pills from.


Free samples of ED pills are available at doctor’s offices, but not all consumers are able to avail of them. Other options exist, though, like looking for websites that offer free impotence pills samples at no added cost—just the shipping fees. Consumers just have to look hard and look for benign pharmacies with the services they offer, so they actually end up with the samples and not duped by scammers. You can find good stores on our list of Top Online Drugstores for the year—shops with guaranteed deliveries and assured safety when it comes to online transactions. Besides offering free 10 pills of ED products, also allows buyers to add the three sets of freebie pills and charge the buyers only one shipping fee.

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