Generic Doctor Reviews

With the advent of online pharmacies and stores offering medicines on the internet, it is no surprise that most people are now refilling their prescription online. Purchasing online means saving time in transportation and in traffic and saving gas. In addition, most online stores offer cheaper medicines hence its surge in popularity.

Generic Doctor Reviews
Generic Doctor Front

One online pharmacy that we found online is Generic Doctor and here are the things that its users share. We found a story shared by Aidan Scott who said that they looked for an online pharmacy to trust for their medicine refill. Aidan said they were not trustful of how online pharmacies operate and they were afraid to be scammed. When they found Genericdoctor, they called the hotline first. Upon hearing a human answer the phone, Aidan believed that they found an e-store to trust. Aidan said he enjoyed talking to GenericDoctor and they were able to provide all the information he asked. They also receive their order on time and it was a great experience for Aidan.

Generic Doctor Customer Reviews

Another review was written and shared by Marina Bell. Marina shared that she ordered some medicine for her mom and received it on time – well half of it. When she called their hotline, she was surprised to receive half of it. The person she spoke with explained that they are avoiding any possible custom issue for a large order of medicine. Two days after waiting, she receives the medicine she ordered.

These reviews were from the website of Generic Doctor. Whether these reviews are real or not is beyond our grasps.

Generic Doctor Website

Genericdoctor is an online pharmacy that offers affordable generic medicines. It started operating four years ago with a goal to provide health treatment to millions of people in need. They also want to ensure that people who need medicine can take it regularly.

Generic Doctor has offices in the UK and in Asia but they are operating in Canada. Aside from offering good medicine, they also want to assure their customers and future customers that their service is the best they can give to anyone. They value customer feedback because they believe that happy customers are the key to a successful business. offers two shipping methods. They offer free registered shipping and free express shipping. Registered shipping takes 14 to 19 days for the order to be delivered. It is offered to customers with a purchase of at least $150. If your order is at least $250, then you are entitled to have express shipping. Express shipping takes up to 7 business days for the order to be delivered.

Generic Doctor Coupon

Generic doctor offers different discounts and promotions to make their affordable medicines more affordable. Aside from low-priced medicines, they also give Generic Doctor Coupon.

Generic Doctor coupon

The first coupon that you can use is the use of e-check as a payment method. If you will order and pay with your e-check, you can get as much as 10% discount on your order. You can also get up to 20% discount on your pill orders if you will pay using bitcoin.

Online pharmacies are not covered by insurance companies hence ordering from them means you have to pay out of your pocket. Although most internet drugstores offer affordable medicines, some people are hesitant to purchase from them because they do not have the amount needed to pay for their medication. Instead, they go to their local drugstores to get their refill and have their insurance companies pay for it.

Generic Doctor Forum

We tried to look for forums where we can find people talking about Generic Doctor. We were unlucky and find none. We found a third party review site though and here’s what they have to say about Generic Doctor.

Generic Doctor Forum Reputation

The first two reviews we found were shared by Jel and Greg. Jel gave it a one-star review saying that this online pharmacy is a fraud. He said that he was blamed by the customer service for having an issue with his order. Jel felt like the site ripped him off.

The second review we found was shared by Greg. Greg gave the site a 5-star rating. He said that it worked well for him as his orders arrived on time. He added that the price was good and that the medicines he ordered worked well. He seemed happy with the effective medicines he received and paid at a very low price.

Generic Doctor Third Party Site Reviews

The third review we found was shared by Andrew. On his testimonial, Andrew said that the service and medicines he received from Generic Doctors were great but the wait time was not. The only issue that Andrew had was the delivery wait time, which is usually 2-4 weeks.

The last review we found was shared by Joseph Moore who gave it a 5-star rating. Joseph used Good Doctor to order ED medicines and he was happy with its effectivity and the price.

These four reviews for has an average of 3.75, which means that most of its users are happy with its service. Based on the information provided, the Generic doctor offers affordable and quality medicine yet they need to improve their delivery time.


Generic Doctor is an online pharmacy that offers affordable medicine to anywhere in the world. If you need a prescription medicine, the Generic doctor can offer their web consultation service and it is free. A doctor will talk to you about your symptoms and will give you a prescription, as you need it.

Although it is hard to trust online stores for fear of becoming a victim of fraud, you can always rely on customer reviews, especially third-party reviews. Customer reviews can be a mirror of what each store offers and doesn’t.

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