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Sildenafil 20 Mg Online: Revatio, the Most Reliable Brand

Revatio 20mg (Sildenafil)

Brand: Revatio

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil

Treatment: Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Manufacturer/s: Pfizer

Country of Manufacture: USA

Review and Description

Though there are many other Sildenafil brands online, Revatio is the most reliable brand, a prescription drug that can be bought online and locally. Unlike its big brother Viagra, Revatio’s specific use is for the treatment of a rare condition known as pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Since the dosage strength required for treating this condition is only small, Pfizer manufactured Revatio with smaller dosages than Viagra. Since PAH is a condition where the pulmonary arteries become narrow to the point of allowing only small volumes of blood to go to the lungs, what Revatio does is that it dilates these arteries so that larger amounts of blood can flow to the respiratory system. This then normalizes the blood pressure and relieves the heart from the accumulated muscular stress of pumping blood harder than usual.

Pfizer, Revatio’s manufacturer, is known as one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and is already an established name globally, manufacturing medicines and products that not only treats health problems but also improves the quality of life. Pfizer has already been in the industry for 169 years, almost 200 years of research and developing drugs for various ailments and conditions. Their discovery of Sildenafil was not only a breakthrough for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) but is also a lifesaver for patients suffering from pulmonary hypertension.

Customer Reviews

Due to the efficacy of Revatio in providing relief for patients with PAH, it has received a lot of positive customer reviews, a testament to its quality and its value as a medicine. Here are some of the reviews coming from patients whose lives have improved after using Revatio for their health condition:

Revatio 20mg Reviews

User “KCCARL” has been using Revatio for two years now. Since Revatio is not a drug that permanently cures PAH but only treats its symptoms, the drug has to be taken constantly to prevent its symptoms from reappearing. No cure has been found yet for PAH and for the meantime, patients can use Revatio. Unlike Viagra that is taken only when needed and once every 24 hours, Revatio is taken three times a day with intervals of 4 hours in between each dose to keep PAH at bay. “KCCARL” started out with taking two pills three times a day but maybe due to the increasing tolerance of his body to the drug that weakens its effects for treating his PAH, his doses have worked their way up to four pills thrice a day. The only side effect that he has experienced with taking Revatio is a stuffy nose but after a while, he’s back to normal.

An anonymous user also puts in a review for Revatio and gave the drug a 10 out of 10 score. This user has been taking the drug for more than a year now and so far, so good, he has experienced no side effects and the drug has also improved his quality of life greatly. But due to the expensive copay fees that he has to pay, he decides to stop taking the drug and maybe look for a more affordable alternative.

Pricing and Dosage

Revatio’s doses are available at 20m, 10mg, and 5mg, much smaller compared to Viagra whose Sildenafil dosages are 100mg, 50mg, and 25mg. Being a prescription drug, customers would only be able to purchase Revatio with a prescription from their doctor. When purchased at the local pharmacies, Revatio’s prices range from $1,350 to $1,500 USD for 30 pills of 20mg dose and those prices are already with discount coupons:

Revatio 20mg Price

Online prices of the drug are cheaper which will only cost customers $1,000 USD but waiting time takes 7 to 10 business days and the shipping fees will be shouldered by the customer. The brand drug might be expensive but there are also generic versions of Revatio that are a lot cheaper that works just as well. These generic brands are also FDA-approved and work just as effective as the standard Revatio. Generic Revatio can be purchased at legitimate online stores for only $1 to $4 each pill.

How to Buy Revatio 20mg Online

This drug is widely available online and customers will have no difficulties in finding online stores that sell it. Customers would only need their credit cards to pay for their purchases and wait for their orders to arrive within 1 to 2 weeks. But in purchasing this drug online, customers should beware of fake and scam sites that only steal credit card information from unwary customers. To be sure of purchasing only from legitimate and genuine online stores, customers should check our top recommended online pharmacies.

How to Use

Prior to using this drug, a patient must first consult their doctor to have themselves checked and be prescribed a proper dosage amount to be taken to avoid overdosing or taking lesser amounts of the drug than recommended. Revatio is taken thrice a day and each intake has an interval of 4 hours in between to avoid the overlapping effects of the drug.

Side Effects

Common side effects that come with the use of Sildenafil are headaches, flushing, stuffy nose, back pains, dizziness, and nausea. Since Revatio only has small doses of the drug, the occurrences of side effects are least likely. The side effects usually disappear as the effects of the drug wear off and as the body adjusts to the medication.

Conclusion with Rating

Of all the Sildenafil 20mg that can be purchased online, Revatio is the most reliable brand since it was manufactured by Pfizer, a world leader in producing medicines that treat illnesses and improve the quality of life. Because of its expensive price, Revatio only rates 4 out of 5. The drug has very helpful effects on the body but its price is not that friendly.