Sildenafil Pfizer 100 Mg Ensures Unparalleled Benefits

No drug in the world has been having as much coverage and controversy surrounding it as Pfizer’s world-famous Viagra. When it was first released into the world, it stunned millions of men with the ability to turn their short and unsatisfying “quickies” into long sessions of sexual activity with their partner. However, as Viagra was unrivaled in the pharmaceutical market and was under the jurisdiction of only one company, Viagra was able to jump its prices to unprecedented heights.

However, because of the efforts of several companies and pharmacies, Pfizer has been forced to make a compromise. Now, Sildenafil, the active component found in every Viagra pill, is available in a generic tablet that can be sold in pharmacies around the world. What’s more, Viagra is now selling its own generic Sildenafil on the market, and men couldn’t be happier.

Needless to say, because Sildenafil is now being sold in its generic form, other companies are now able to sell it to consumers and so the price lowers for the drug to maintain an equal level of competition between products. Around 32 million men around the world are purchasing ED pills for their needs, so it’s no wonder that everyone would want to jump in on the business.

Viagra pills come in different doses, but 100 mg is the highest dose available. Usually, those who take Viagra for the first time will begin with the lowest dose, 25 mg, and observe how strongly the effects kick in. If the dose is too small, then they take a 50 mg pill on the next session. It could also start with the client taking a 50 mg dose first, and then adjust to a higher or lower dose according to his tolerance towards the drug and the effects seen. 100 mg doses are usually taken by older gentlemen who need a bigger boost on their erections, or for men who want to go at it for a vigorous session and who can tolerate the side effects of a higher dose.

Pfizer Viagra 100mg Review

There’s no denying that Viagra has helped millions of men to deal with erectile dysfunction. If Viagra were an OTC, there would be no shortage of men who would purchase the product every day, especially with how it helps rekindle their sexual desires and maintain a good, hard erection for sessions in the bedroom. Sadly, Viagra and Sildenafil are prescription-exclusive drugs, and being them without one would be illegal.

Viagra can give you Unparalleled Benefits in Bed

Men have to take the drug about 45 minutes to around an hour before they begin any sexual activity. Also, erections don’t just happen spontaneously after the one hour of waiting for the drug to kick in. The man taking it should be sexually aroused or physically stimulated in order to gain an erection, and then it’s just a matter of jumping into bed with your partner.

Many Consumers agree that the Price is just getting Higher and Higher

Along with the benefits of a drug, there will always be side effects, several of which can be quite alarming for a first-timer. Common side effects include headaches, stomach pain, nausea, and flushing on the upper half of the body, but more severe side effects can occur if you have overdosed, such as a sudden shift in vision, decreased hearing acuity and priapism, which an erection that will not go away and which can often be painful.

Pfizer Viagra Price

Despite its reputation over the decades, Viagra has been heavily criticized for its unreachable prices. Even people who don’t have ED know that Viagra pills cost way more than they conceivably should and several legal cases have already been taken up with Pfizer over this issue. That being said, generic Sildenafil Tablet shave become a lifesaver for many men who need the drug but are stuck in a financial bind.

The Unrivaled ED Treatment

If you’re buying your pills locally or at your nearest big pharmacy branch, you may be seeing Viagra price in their double digits for a single tablet. Many pharmacies sell their Viagra at $20 a pill, and that is definitely not a price you can pay for every day if you’re like most of the population. However, buying regular Sildenafil tablets can bring your purchases down to the single digits, with some Sildenafil products going as low as a $1 per pill.

Buying online can severely cut your spending. The competition online is fierce, and as such, there are a lot of coupons and promotions going around that are selling Viagra and generic Sildenafil at really low prices. It can often be difficult to find a reliable online pharmacy, but with a quick look through our list of top-class online pharmacies, you may just find the bargains you’ve always been searching for.

Always be on the lookout for pharmacies online that sell their prescription drugs over the counter. These drugs are most likely cheap knock-offs that only contain minimal amounts of Sildenafil or none at all. There have also been accounts of people paying for their products upfront, without receiving anything at all in return.


With the advent of generic Viagra, the treatment of ED will be more affordable than ever. Buying Sildenafil from other trustworthy pharmaceutical companies may even save you more money, and help you discover that Viagra isn’t the only pill out there that can help you have a phenomenal time in bed.

In order to avoid getting afflicted with numerous side effects, contact your doctor and check to see how compatible Sildenafil-based products are for you. Other drugs may react negatively when mixed with Sildenafil in the body, which may compromise your health. You could also have other health conditions which may be exacerbated by taking Sildenafil, so it would be in a patient’s best interests to see their doctor before self-medicating.