Trusted Tablets Review: An Online Pharmacy with Excellent Customer Reviews

Trusted Tablets is a group of online pharmacies that dispense generic medicines around the globe. They sell generic medicines that are from India. As a network of online pharmacies, all Trusted Tablets e-stores offer the same medicines at the same price.

A network of online drugstores means that these websites have different domain names but they offer the same products. They are working under a bigger online pharmacy and they carry its name. Online pharmacy networks have the same web designs, same policies, same perks and benefits, and some source of medicines to offer. The only difference is the name of the website.

Trusted Tablets Reviews

Customer reviews can make a business succeed and it can also make a business fail. If you just established a new online store, the best way to market your store is by getting good reviews from your first customers. If they will give you a good review, then you can get more customers to try your product. Trusted Tablets seems to understand the importance of customer reviews hence they strived hard to maintain their reputation with their customers. Surprisingly, after 12 years in the business, Trusted Tablets is still getting positive reviews from their customers.

Trusted Tablets Reviews

From the pool of Trusted Tablets’ customer reviews, we picked the reviews shared by Stewart, Glenn, David, Carlos, and James. These men ordered ED medicines from Trusted Tablets and here are the things that they are saying about their buying experience with Trusted Tablets:

  • Trusted Tablets deliver on time
  • Trusted Tablets delivers quality medicines
  • Trusted Tablets is honest
  • Trusted Tablets medicines are as effective as branded medicines
  • Trusted Tablets is a site to go to if you want affordable medicines that works

Honesty, easy to use website, working medicines, and low-priced drugs summarizes the experience that Stewart, Glenn, David, Carlos, and James had with Trusted Tablets. Based on their stories, it looks like they will be returning customers in the future.

Trusted Tablets Online

Trusted Tablets Home

What we liked about Trusted Tablets is the design of their website. They have a bestseller list and a list of medicines under different categories. It makes finding a drug a lot easier.

We also appreciate the fact that for each medicine, Trusted Tablets e-stores wrote some informational guide that customers can use. Basic information about each medicine such as how to take it, what to watch while taking it, what side effects to expect, and proper storage are among the information provided. Such data will surely help any patient who is trying it for the first time. Still, Trusted Tablets advise customers to check with their doctors before taking a new drug.

When it comes to cheap drugs, Trusted Tablets e-stores offer generic drugs such as Viagra, Priligy, Addyi, Amoxil, Diflucan, Daklinza, Janumet, Januvia, Lasix, Nolvadex, Propecia, Synthroid, Tarceva, Penegra, and Cialis. These are their bestsellers and all of these are generic brands from India.

If you are ordering a prescription medicine, have your prescription ready. Trusted Tablets e-stores require a prescription for Rx refills. Aside from ED medicines, they also require a prescription for drugs that are used to treat depression, anxiety, and neurological disorders. You can send your prescription to Trusted Tablets via fax or email.

For now, the only method of payment accepted by Trusted Tablets e-dispensaries is a credit card. They assure their customers that the use of credit card for payment is safe because their billing method is licensed by GeoTrust and McAfee Secure.

Trusted Tablets Coupon Codes

Without a coupon code, Trusted Tablets e-stores are still winning new customers and are keeping old ones with the perks they are giving away. As of this writing, they have not released any coupon code yet but they do offer two perks to their customers.

Trusted Tablets Deals

The first offer they have is bonus pills on ED medicine orders. The minimum number of pills to order is 20 and the minimum number of free pills is four. You can get as much as 20 free pills from this promotion.

The second promotion that Trusted Tablets offers is the free shipping promo. All orders worth $150 or more are qualified to get Airmail Shipping free of charge.

Trusted Tablets Phone Numbers

Contacting the support team of Trusted Tablets can be done in three ways – they have a phone support team, a chat support team, and an email support team.

Trusted Tablets Contacts

For their phone support team, you can dial 718 4759088, 800 5324808, and 44 203 0110241. For their chat support team, you can click on the ‘chat now’ button on their homepage to connect to a live chat agent. The chat support team is on 24/7. To send them an email, just fill out the needed information on their contact us page and an email specialist will get back to you shortly.

Trusted Tablets Spam and Phone Calls

Sending spam emails and making spam calls is something that Trusted Tablets e-dispensaries don’t do. This store market their product and their stores on their own without stressing other people out. Trusted Tablets knew that sending spam emails can be annoying and they don’t want to annoy their future customers. Rest assured that your information, email address and phone number won’t be used for marketing purposes.


Having an excellent customer review is like having a great advertisement – only it is free. This is what Trusted Tablets is enjoying right now. With tons of positive feedbacks for the last 12 years, they are just sitting, waiting for new customers to get enticed with these positive reviews. For their awesome customer reviews, awesome service, and awesome product list, we are giving Trusted Tablets network of online pharmacies a rating of five stars.