Vardenafil Price

Vardenafil or commonly known as Levitra is an impotence and erectile dysfunction medicine. The first Vardenafil ED medicine was produced and marketed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals along with GlaxoSmithKline and Schering-Plough. In India, it was marketed as Staxyn, one of the most popular ED medicines in the Indian market.

Vardenafil Strength

Generic Vardenafil is normally available in two formulations – 10 mg and 20 mg. We found a lot a few websites that offer Vardenafil tablets and prices usually start at $1. We also found a Canadian online pharmacy that offers Vardenafil for $0.56 provided that you will purchase at least 90 tablets. The most expensive Vardenafil tablet we found online is $5.70 apiece. Most online pharmacies offer it for $1-$2 per tablet, provided that you purchase at least 30 tablets.

For the 20 mg Vardenafil tablet, the most affordable one was for $0.55 per tablet. It was from a DrugMart website. They also offer 20 mg Vardenafil for $1-$2 per tablet at a regular price. If you want to save when refilling your Vardenafil prescription, you can order at least 60 tablets and get it for only $0.95 per tablet from a Canadian online pharmacy. A quick comparison and analysis of different online pharmacies offering Vardenafil 20 mg revealed that the average price of Vardenafil is $2 per tablet.

Vardenafil Price in India

India is one of the source countries of Vardenafil. India has been known for its small pharmaceutical companies that produce and sell generic erectile dysfunction medicines. When it comes to Vardenafil-based ED medicines, India has produced the popular Mevitra-20 and Mvitra.

Mevitra-20 contains 20 mg Vardenafil HCL. It is a product of Maiden Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Of India. Mevitra is available in 20 mg but the suggested initial dosage is 10 mg. this is an oral medication in tablet form. Mevitra 20 mg is intended for male use only and women should not try it especially if you are lactating or pregnant. The price of this medicine is $351 (1400 Ringgit) for a pack of 10 tablets.

Mvitra is also a product of Maiden Pharmaceuticals Ltd. It also acts as a muscle relaxant and a PDE5 inhibitor. This ED medicine doesn’t work without sexual stimulation as it doesn’t cause erection but helps the penile muscle to achieve an erection when presented with stimulation. Side effects of using Mvitra include a headache, runny nose, back pain, muscle pain, indigestion, and chest pain.

There are other brands of generic Levitra or Vardenafil that are made in India. Before trying any of these Indian-produced ED drugs though, make sure to check some user reviews first to determine if these are safe to use and are worth your money.

Buy Generic Vardenafil

Finding generic Vardenafil is now easier with the proliferation of online pharmacies. When the first ED medicine was first introduced in the market, it was too expensive, giving limited access to people who need it. Luckily, other companies started manufacturing their own ED medicines using different formulas like Vardenafil and Tadalafil. To date, although sildenafil citrate remains to be the most used active ingredient for an ED drug, there are other pharmaceutical companies who are now venturing into making ED drugs using a different active ingredient.

Since generic Vardenafil is now easier to find in e-stores, how would you know if you are choosing the right brand of generic Levitra?

  • Look for a brand with reviews. Trust user reviews because it is from people who used the said medicine. If they say it worked, then it definitely works
  • Read about the manufacturer of the said generic Vardenafil brand. Look for reviews.
  • Read about the online pharmacy you are trying to use. Look for reviews on the reliability of their service
  • Always compare two or three websites. Compare prices and reviews before using their service and ordering their product

Buy Vardenafil 20mg

Vardenafil 20 mg is the highest dosage available for any Vardenafil-based ED medicine (unless it is a hybrid ED drug). Levitra 20 mg is the brand name of this product. For most generic brands though, they market their ED medicine as Vardenafil 20.

The easiest and cheapest way to purchase Vardenafil 20 mg is online. We have a list of our highly recommended online pharmacies that offer Vardenafil 20 mg. Check out their offers and choose the one that offers the best price.

Aside from ordering online, Vardenafil 20 mg is also available at your local drugstores. If you want to find the best local drugstore in your area, ask your doctor for a referral to their affiliated pharmacies. Who knows, you might get a discount because of your doctor’s referral.


Vardenafil is one of the cheapest ED medicine that you can find online. The branded Vardenafil, Levitra costs $4 to $5 per tablet while generic Vardenafil costs $1-$3 per tablet. This is much cheaper as compared to other ED medicines that have different active ingredients like Cialis and Viagra.

Vardenafil is often available in three dosages: 5 mg is the lowest, 20 mg is the highest, and 10 mg is just the mid-ranged dosage. If you are given a 10 mg prescription, stick to it. Your doctor understands why you only need to take 10 mg and not 20 mg.

Most Vardenafil tablets are prescribed orally. This is an easy to swallow drug and should be taken at least half an hour before engaging in a sexual activity. Vardenafil should be used as needed only. Do not take your Vardenafil drug like a maintenance drug. Lengthened exposure to this substance won’t lead to a better erection but might only expose you to more severe side effects.

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